Thursday, October 16, 2014

Photos of my studio space

Thought I would post some photos of my studio today. I rent studio space from Studio Channel Islands Art Center. It used to be a grade school and now all the classes are converted into artist studios. My studio space is not in a regular classroom but what they call a portico, it sort of looks like a trailer but has a permanent foundation. It is a little light challenged having only one window but recently I changed out the fluorescent lights for special day light spectrum fluorescent bulbs and it made a big difference. 
This is the side of the room that I have my traditional landscapes hanging, mostly pastels but some acrylic work also.

Here is my encaustic hot plate, I have it by the window with a fan that sucks the fumes outside, I have a lot of bees gather by that window sometimes, they love the smell of the beeswax!

Here is a palette of acrylic paints on my work table, I think I need to change the wax paper and start fresh!

This is the mixed media side of my studio, I have all my collages, photo-encaustics and encaustic paintings displayed here. I try to keep styles together in groups so everything doesn't look so random,

Another view of my encaustic station by the one window in the room. I love that my studio has lots of wall space to hang paintings that's one thing the other studios don't have as much of because they have a lot more windows, so you trade more light for less wall space.

Here is another view looking towards the front door. The flat files on the right by the door were a surprise gift from my hubby. I have wanted flat files for so long and we actually found these in an antique store for an unbelievable price but didn't get them for some reason. Jeff went back and got them and had them delivered to my studio, I was so shocked and delighted! They used to belong to a grade school so I thought it was cool that they are in an artist studio that used to be a classroom!

And yet it is so funny because this is where I do most of my work, in a little space I have carved out in a little room at home. I share this creative space with a day bed and 2 big file cabinets, I am standing on the bed to take this photo. It feels more cozy and a safer place to create than my big studio. There are times though that I need to be with other artists and my studio provides that, also the art center has art exhibits they promote 2 or 3 times a year and that's a great opportunity to sell my work!