Friday, January 16, 2015

30 Paintings in 30 Days - Day 16

This is another one of my favorite scenes near Santa Barbara. I love the way the purple mountains peek through the trees and how white the cliffs are looking over this outlet from the ocean. This area is a sanctuary to many kinds of sea birds.
I used LaCarte paper for this little 5" x 7" pastel painting and an assortment of different kinds of pastels, I love the very soft buttery ones and sometimes just jump in and use them for some of my first strokes on the paper. Conventional teaching says to start out with harder pastels and work your way up to the softer ones which sometimes is the best way to go. The reason for that rule is so your paper does not fill up so quickly with pastel and therefore you can put more layers on. I have painted this subject many times and new I could get the look I wanted with a minimum amount of layers, so using the soft pastels at the beginning worked fine.
Well, I am off to my studio now to see what I will come up with next, I never quite know!

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