Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Painting the Sky

I love the abstract nature of clouds in the sky. They are so soft and billowy and I love painting them sometimes with soft pastel colors and other times with dramatic hues. Like fingerprints no sky is exactly the same from day to day and that's what makes them so wonderful to paint.
For this sky I used pinks, yellows, blues, warm grays and just a little white for highlights. The paper is called Premier Pastel Paper and this is only the second time I have used it and so far I really like it. It takes several layers and gives the pastel strokes a real painterly look when applied.
My pastel selection for the sky

Instead of using one solid color for the sky, I use several colors layering them being careful to let the layer underneath show through.  Remember the sky is the light source and sets the mood for the scene!

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