Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Circling Around

"Circling Around" 5x7" collage on watercolor paper

I am experimenting with paper collage lately using many papers and magazines I have collected over the years. For this collage I used magazine papers and some decorative papers I bought at an art supply store in Santa Barbara. The circles were made by an almost used up roll of paper towels, I love the uneven textured look it produced. I also used bubble wrap and scratched into wet paint for extra texture.

I am still adjusting moving from a big studio to a much smaller home studio but I think it is going to be okay, there is a lot of perks to working at home plus the rent I was paying for my studio can go toward art supplies and I do love my art supplies! And now that dinner is over and everything is cleaned up I will be going back into my studio to work a little bit more before going to bed and that is definitely a perk to having a studio at home!

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