Sunday, November 1, 2015

With change comes opportunity

Sowing and Reaping, 10x10" collage on canvas

Going through some changes this month and change is always hard at first and a little unsettling. Because of finances I am moving my studio from a large art center to a small room at home that is half the size. The move has challenged me to throw a lot of things out that are not needed, it is so amazing how much stuff you collect as an artist. One of my artist friends told me that with change comes opportunity and I really believe that. The opportunity that came with this change was that in the move I rediscovered all this wonderful ephemera and beautiful papers I have collected over the years and decided to use some of it in this collage. I had a wonderful time working with the papers, some I found at art supply stores and others were wonderful discoveries in antique stores. My message with this collage is to always try to do right and plant good seeds because it is a universal law that I have seen and experienced over and over again that when you send kindness out into the world it does come back to you.

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