Sunday, January 3, 2016

Day Three of Thirty Painting in Thirty Days

6x6" acrylic abstract on board

I was working on day three yesterday and it kind of went south on me, so I tossed it and started fresh. I started again this morning and like this one much better! The color combo  of yellow and purple is another one of my favorites. I used yellow cad, orange cad, bright aqua green, medium violet and white.
There is something about circles and dots I like and you will find them a lot in my abstracts. One of my favorite ways to make a circle is by taking a paper towel tube and dipping the end in paint, it make a great rough, imperfect circle which I like.


  1. Sherri - interesting that we both were inspired by circles today! Check out my Many Moons -
    Great minds...and all that... :o)

  2. Beautiful colors - I love the movement in this piece!