Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day Two of Thirty Painting in Thirty Days

6x6" acrylic on board

I used the orange-blue complimentary combination for my day 2 abstract. The neutral grays are a mixture of ultramarine blue and cad orange, the only other paint I used was white Nova paint and black india ink.
I am using MDF board or something like it as my substrate. I had it cut from a huge piece at my local lumber yard and you can imagine how many little 6x6" squares that made! I did this a couple of years ago and still have quite a few left, but I have to say they have come in handy.
Well, I better get started on day 3, I am trying to keep ahead of the game. I started a new job in retail just before Christmas and I am working today from 2:30-6:30. 
Happy painting everyone!


  1. Sherri,
    Thank you for your description of the materials you have used. I love the free and loose expression that you have achieved.

    1. Thank you Connie. I am going to try and share my painting process during this 30 in 30 challenge. Sharing my process make it more fun for me and hopefully helpful to others.

  2. Hi Sherri!
    Really love this painting!
    It is wonderful how you only use three colours (am I right?) for this painting. Did not know that cadmium orange and ultramarine blue make grey. Am going to try that out.
    Nice to hear that you are using masonite from the hardware store. I have been thinking about that for quite a while, but never came to the point that I actually did it. Glad it works.
    Am curious how 'thick'/deep your masonite is? And are you first painting it with gesso or something like that?

    Thank you very much and very nice to see your work!

    1. Simone,
      Yes, I used cadmium orange, ultramarine blue, white and some black india ink. Then mixed the various tones of gray.
      I do put a couple of layers of gesso on the boards before using them to protect the paint from oils or anything else that might come from the masonite. The panels are about 1/8 inch thick and I paint the sides black.

  3. I am trying my hand at abstract - usually representational painting here. I love looking at what others do, yours is awesome! I love that you use MDF - so much easier and cheaper. Bravo, you are working and then enjoying with art!

  4. What great color combos you have chosen here. And happy to hear that others are using masonite as well for substrates. My hubby gives me the "scraps" from his woodworking projects. Sure saves on supplies!