Sunday, January 17, 2016

More Hearts for Day Seventeen

9x7" watercolor on paper

I am having more fun with watercolor and ink this morning. It's too early in the morning to get a nice photo with natural light so I will take a better one later.
I have been learning a new job in retail and it's been a little stressful so it's been nice to paint these happy watercolors the last few days, very therapeutic for me.
I started out in watercolor and then discovered pastels which I worked in for several years. The last couple of years I have been restless wanting to do something different. I have been trying a lot of different medium in different styles, liking something about all of them. I keep getting drawn back to watercolor because of its beautiful transparent nature and glow. I am not sure yet what direction I am going to go but having fun in the journey.


  1. Sherri - I appreciate your candor about your art and life. I too love your watercolor and ink hearts!

  2. So cheerful... just love your juicy colors :)