Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Persimmon and Gladiolus

watercolor journal

Working in my journal lately with watercolor. Watercolor was the first medium I studied and I seem to be going full circle. It is calling me again! I love the transparency you can achieve and just how clean and simple it is with not a lot of messy clean up.
My daughter brought home a bag of persimmons a friend had given her and knew I just had to paint them! I have also been playing with adding a little ink to my watercolors. I just used a sharpie fine point for the persimmons.
Next I painted the gladiolus, that is the flower for my birth month of August. I used a Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen XS to add some details.  
I used a set of watercolors that I have had for years and they worked beautifully, I am amazed at how long they last. I do know what is going to be on my Christmas list this year and that of course is a few more watercolors to add to my "vintage collection".

watercolor journal

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Circling Around

"Circling Around" 5x7" collage on watercolor paper

I am experimenting with paper collage lately using many papers and magazines I have collected over the years. For this collage I used magazine papers and some decorative papers I bought at an art supply store in Santa Barbara. The circles were made by an almost used up roll of paper towels, I love the uneven textured look it produced. I also used bubble wrap and scratched into wet paint for extra texture.

I am still adjusting moving from a big studio to a much smaller home studio but I think it is going to be okay, there is a lot of perks to working at home plus the rent I was paying for my studio can go toward art supplies and I do love my art supplies! And now that dinner is over and everything is cleaned up I will be going back into my studio to work a little bit more before going to bed and that is definitely a perk to having a studio at home!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Discovering Alcohol Inks

I have discovered alcohol inks and I love playing with them. This flower was done on a 6x6" white tile I got from Home Depot. You don't have complete control over the inks but have to let them do their own thing while you guide them along. They are so colorful and vibrant and I love the happy accidents that happen along the way.

With change comes opportunity

Sowing and Reaping, 10x10" collage on canvas

Going through some changes this month and change is always hard at first and a little unsettling. Because of finances I am moving my studio from a large art center to a small room at home that is half the size. The move has challenged me to throw a lot of things out that are not needed, it is so amazing how much stuff you collect as an artist. One of my artist friends told me that with change comes opportunity and I really believe that. The opportunity that came with this change was that in the move I rediscovered all this wonderful ephemera and beautiful papers I have collected over the years and decided to use some of it in this collage. I had a wonderful time working with the papers, some I found at art supply stores and others were wonderful discoveries in antique stores. My message with this collage is to always try to do right and plant good seeds because it is a universal law that I have seen and experienced over and over again that when you send kindness out into the world it does come back to you.